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Local Queens

Our queens are raised locally in Maryland. Our stock improvement goals are: mite and disease resistance (VSH), with high honey production, and gentleness. We make every effort to produce and sell only quality queens.

The mother queens are instrumentally inseminated breeder queens from reputable honey bee breeders, such as Dr. John Harbo and Adam Finkelstein (VP Queen Bees), who have extensive backgrounds in bee biology and genetics. We also use survivor queens that have proven their worthiness as breeders (survived at least two winters without treatments, high honey production and gentle). To minimize inbreeding and to maximize genetic diversity we add new stock each year to our breeding program.

Our apiary is inspected by Maryland Department of Agriculture each year. Also we participate in the National Honey Bee Survey, sponsored by USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), which includes molecular and visual testing.

Sold Out for 2019

Please see the information below concerning our queens and purchasing details.

  • All queens are daughters of breeder queens with proven preferred genetics.
  • Mother breeder queens are selected for hygienic behavior, honey production and gentleness.
  • Queens are available from early summer until early fall.
  • Orders are filled in the order they are received. The specific dates are dependent on weather conditions and the availability of nectar and pollen.
  • All queens are evaluated prior to being sold.
  • Queens will be available beginning approximately May 16, 2019.


Open Mated Queens: $28.00 + shipping

Shipping cost: Cost includes USPS Priority Express Postage. Call or email for shipping estimate (4- 5 queens will fit in a mailer for $7.00- 10.00) or you may pick up your queen(s) when notified that she is ready.

To Place an Order

Call us at 410-329-6671 or email us at to place your order. The balance is due prior to shipping or when you pick up your queen(s). We will contact you to coordinate a shipping/pickup date when the queen(s) are ready.



Where to Find Us:

Snyder's Apiaries, LLC
4747 Norrisville Rd
White Hall, MD 21161

Phone: 410 329-6671


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Please call or email to make an appointment to pick up equipment or bees. Otherwise  we may be out working the bees.

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